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Myosport. built to enhance amateur sport

MYOSPORT is an application which allows sporting organizations to organize their clubs & teams right from a phone.

AT MYOSPORT WE WANT TO enhance the sporting community

We've built a FREE app which allows simple communication and coordination between sporting clubs, teams and sporting fans. We offer a way to connect with your favorite sporting stars and teams with a behind the curtain look. Myosport is built to empower amateur athletics.

Centralize Sports organization with all of these features on one app


Access to news feeds from your favorite sport team and club. Get a behind the curtain look at how their practice is going.


Coordinate all of your events with other clubs and teams right here on one centralized app. Myosport takes the headaches out of event planning!


Myosport is simple to use and has a host of helpful resources full of valuable of content and a media library to help assist you or the sport team/club you represent.


Keep track of all of your workouts right on the App! Compare against your friends and earn rewards for your logging sessions.


Hire/reserve sporting equipment right from the App. Myosport offers a simple solution for equipment hire with all details handled within the App


Want to connect with a sponsor or have a burning question for your favorite sports team? With Myosport you can communicate directly with the teams and clubs you follow right from the app.